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Drake Bomb!

Yeees I knoow, I've been a lazyy asss biaaatch and I'm sorry for that but I have my reasons!

And the reasons are that I've been chillin' with the big boys like Weezy, The Bauws Rick Ross, Drake, Jay-Z, Usher, Diddy and yeah you know the deal. Daamn we were like flippin at the club, poppin' bottles, Weezy poped sizzurp, throwing mööney in the air like we just didn't care.

Unfortunately my camera got soaked by Jay when he was pouring Ace Of Spades and the memory couldn't be rescued but to compensate that I will let you guys listen to some tracks we recorded..

Here's one pic though that I took with my cell, at a afterparty that we went to at Diddys studio!
Drake & Lil Wayne

Drake Feat. Lil Wayne - HYFR (Hell Ya F-ckin' Right)

Drake Feat. Rick Ross - Lord Knows

Drake Feat. Lil' Wayne & Andre 3000 - The Real Her

Drake Feat. The Weeknd - Crew Love

Drake - Over My Dead Body

Drake - Practice

Drake - Shot For Me

Drake - Underground Kings

Drake - Look What You've Done

Drake - We'll Be Fine
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hahah störd

2011-11-21 @ 18:36:48
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